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We are non-partisan, so you can be partisan

Our job is to provide you with as much information as possible, in a format that’s useable. From there, you make all the decisions.

Change How
We Engage

Cut Through the Noise

CHWE’s customizable news and information feeds help you form a clear picture on all of the candidates and issues, not just the ones with the most airtime or biggest advertising budget. Get the information you need to case a vote based on unbiased research.

No Election is Too Small

National and state elections seem to get all the attention, but real change starts in our neighborhoods. The CHWE app pulls in information on every issue and candidate on your ballot - from local city ordinances and council members on up, so you can make an informed choice at every level.

Keep on top of logistics

Don't know where to vote? Find your designated polling place right in the app!

Change How We Engage

Change How We Engage (CHWE) is made up of a small team of Americans keen on using modern design and technology to improve the substance of our political discussion in a non-partisan manner. We would love to hear from you. Send us an email to And, btw - we NEVER sell user emails. EVER.